About restaurant

There are places where you feel yourself comfortable as soon as you enter there – like this is it, your restaurant. A place so intimate, in which you want to return for positive emotions and that revives your spirit. While creating “Biscuit” restaurant we tried to infuse it with the pattern of positive emotions and floating in the air delightful smells that you want to catch with your fingertips and that beckon even the most demanding of gourmets, who seek pleasure in food and life. And although we understand that it is difficult to reach the perfection, we however set it as our goal, which we follow in everything: in service, dishes quality and serving process, design, and in many other components. It is difficult to describe all of them, but it is possible to feel them deeply, to experience and to derive inspiration from them, and  to eventually feel that love, with which restaurant was made.


In the menu of restaurant it is possible to find the best dishes from all over Europe and a few dishes from more distant places. And, although the Italian cuisine prevails, it will be the too wide choice of dishes that will become a problem for gourmets, rather than its absence. The ability to make dishes very delicious depends not only from skills of a cook, but also from food products freshness, their origin, environment in that they were grown; therefore, many ingredients are brought from very distant countries. For example, soft and tender beef filet is delivered from Argentina, Ribeye steak is delivered from the USA, and greater amount of fish and marine products - from the depths of Mediterranean Sea. Pastes, risotto, focaccia and pizzas are in the wide assortment. To the real gourmets we advise to taste carpaccio from the Argentinean beef, so refined and tender, that simply melts in your mouth, and also a tuna tartare with mango and salmon caviar. In addition, the soup admirers surely should order pumpkin cream-soup with tiger shrimps or flavoured soup from tomatoes with marine products. Many entrees are prepared both on a frying pan and on an open fire at guest’s pleasure. To those who are acquainted with the cultures of different countries it is highly advisable to taste scallops with an asparagus and creamy sauce or fried black cod with rice and vegetables. And to true connoisseurs we advise to taste a duck breast with a fig, lamb rack with vegetable ratatouille or quail pate with a sauce from feijoa.

These magical and beautiful dishes are a courtesy of our chef de cuisine Mikhail Markin, who was working in best Moscow restaurants and who knows, what a dish must taste like in the high class restaurants.

And it is impossible not to mention the desserts of restaurant. Be careful! Mousse from mango with cherry sauce can make you addictive. As well as passionfruit crème brulee. It should be noted that coffee served in our restaurant is only of “illy” famous trade mark. But, however, if you are a tea gourmet and want to turn tea-party into an unforgettable ritual, then you should enjoy many of the offered sorts, served in emperor's service - wonderful elegant pots and cups, produced in St. Petersburg from 1744. They not only preserve temperature for a long time, but also amaze with their delicacy and design.



Simplicity along with refinement is felt everywhere. It is a courtesy of designer Maria Birjukova (author of interiors of many famous Moscow restaurants), who enhanced an atmosphere with the furniture and accessories, brought mainly from France and Italy. “A charm is not in the set of things, but in details. Without details there will be no integrity. Details are creating the gamut of emotions and allow the development of human senses: taste, smell, sight and other” – that’s what a designer says about the achieved results.

Our guests can choose from any of three halls. All of them are executed in soft colors, but each with its own mood. In addition, ladies will surely appraise the lady’s room.


A waiter in our restaurant is not just an adviser and friend, but also a keeper of good mood, and he will look after the guest’s personal space and will try to create an atmosphere of comfort.

A notable fact is that almost all of “Biscuit” restaurant personnel are male, because, along with an opinion that only a male can be a good cook, it was practically confirmed that if a waiter is also a male, then he is an expert in his field.

Finally we would like to say that all feelings cannot be described on paper and they cannot be enforced; they are unique to everyone. However, what people can feel - this is the reality and such feelings warm one’s soul and make this place, this restaurant, your very special place. We strive to create sincerity in feelings and in atmosphere every day and we promise to do it always!


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